Pitches, Press Releases + More

Reporters, journalists, bloggers, radio and TV hosts, and other media are looking for interesting content. Show them what you've got! Your media kit showcases what makes you a great topic and a great guest. Make it easy for those working on a tight deadline to work with you. Here's what we include in your media kit:

. Media Release for Mass Distribution
This is an announcement of your book, product, service, etc. It is the industry standard for alerting media and others to what you offer and why that's so important right now.

. Topic Background, Facts, and Statistics
This is an overall description of your topic, the story behind it, benefits to your target market, important points you address--what makes you newsworthy.

. Pitches to Specific Media Outlets
The pitch letter targets specific media prospects and their audience interests. It positions you as the clear
solution to that audience’s needs, issues., goals, dreams!

. Media Story Angles
This is a great way to give others ideas for how to position you and your expertise
in a unique light or from a fresh perspective.

. Interview Questions
A list of ready-to-use interview questions helps interviewers prepare and also makes
sure you get to talk about the ideas and points you want to make.

. Expert Bio
This is a high-energy, high-credibility look at your expertise, background,
experience, and story. It demonstrates why you are a relevant expert,
subject, and resource.